Our Story

ProArts Media specializes in producing effective creative video and photography specific to your company's style and goals.
We value communication, meeting deadlines, and will work to understand you and your brand to better tell your story.



Our Team

Meet the people behind the lens.

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Doug Huber
Owner, Director

What He Does:
Doug’s expertise is in creating a desired look through the use of various lighting and technology, as it varies from project to project. Doug also oversees the general operations of ProArts, and ensures that all projects line up with client expectations and ProArts standards.

Why He Does It:
Seeing a successful project is always my favorite part. It's fun to see how all those moving parts come together to create a final project that tells a story, expresses an emotion, or elicits a reaction.


Laura BW-Web.jpg

Laura Schale
Owner, Director

What She Does:
Laura brings big picture thinking and creative energy to her role as Director. From concept creation to script writing, from actor direction to post production, Laura keeps the vision of the project at the forefront.

Why She Does It:
Watching a project come to life is so exciting! Whether a client comes to us and asks for ideas, or we are bringing to life a pre-exising idea from our client, the creative process is never dull!

Hill BW-Web.jpg


What He Does:
As the ProArts mascot, Hill has it pretty easy. When he's not napping, he is eagerly greeting clients and splits his time between Laura and Doug's offices, making sure things are running smoothly.

Why He Does It:
He loves meeting new people!




We pride ourselves in providing top-notch video and photography for our clients, and we have been
recognized by our industry for some of our best work. We are proud recipients of the following awards:

Silver Telly Award
 The Smoothest Ride" video for Alliance Elevator Solutions

2 Bronze Telly Awards
 Real Butter Bread" campaign for Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe

Bronze Telly Award
 Live the Life" video for Warmsprings Salon & Spa

Gold Hermes Award
Drone Recruitment" video for Summit Health

Gold Hermes Award
This is the Place" video for the Chambersburg Country Club

Platinum Hermes Award
Live the Life" video for Warmsprings Salon & Spa



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